Expert GPS Tracking and Fleet Monitoring System in Derrimut

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GPS fleet tracking allows you to track and monitor your vehicles in real time. This is a practical solution for fleet owners who wish to remain updated on their vehicle’s location at all times. 3Sixty Auto Group is among the best fleet tracking system management providers in Derrimut, Melton and Caroline Springs. Our services help car owners and businesses keep track of their machines at any given point.

We supply and install GPS tracking devices for every vehicle model at competitive prices. With our latest hi-tech fleet tracking devices, you can monitor all your vehicles and track driver activity with a web browser from anywhere in the world. It also protects your assets, and in case of theft, you can alert the police and immobilise the vehicle. Our tracking devices use the latest GPS technology for real-time precision tracking and monitoring of your vehicle. It is also a handy tool for parents, as a GPS fleet tracking device helps monitor their children’s location and driving patterns.

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Fleet monitoring systems are embedded into sensors that monitor, track and send signals of every vehicle activity to a cloud-based storage server. This helps you track and get alerts of all significant events related to the vehicle. You can find the location of every vehicle in your fleet and keep track of driver activity. This data can also be used to improve fleet efficiency and driver performance.

Secure, Manage and Utilise

Fleet tracking and GPS devices help you secure your vital business assets against theft or misuse. It also gives you a detailed bird’s-eye-view of your entire fleet at any given time. This helps in asset management as you can guide drivers. You can also set SMS alert services to get updates on every event – from vehicle towing or low-battery power to harsh braking or exceeding speed limits.

The idle time, routes and the proper positioning of your vehicles help you get the best out of your assets. Once the data collected has been analysed, the results can improve resource utilisation and increase profitability. With GPS fleet tracking you can also enhance customer experience and satisfaction with real-time updates and on-time services.

These are the various SMS alerts you can get with our GPS tracking devices:

  • SMS Vehicle Alerts
    • Vehicle towed
    • Vehicle immobilisation
    • GPS signal jam detection
    • Battery power low
    • Battery disconnected – will revert to internal battery back-up
  • SMS Driver Reporting

You also get various alerts related to the driver and the driving patterns through the SMS service. This helps you review the driver’s performance and guide their correction, wherever required. These are the various alerts that you get with our fleet monitoring systems:

  • Exceeding pre-set speed limits
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Impact detection
  • Panic button

Why Choose 3Sixty Auto Group for Fleet Monitoring Systems?

3Sixty Auto Group is your local fleet monitoring system installer and management specialist in Derrimut, Melton and Caroline Springs. Our mechanics have vast experience in installing GPS-based fleet tracking devices in vehicles of all models and makes. We offer comprehensive and cost-effective fleet tracking solutions using high-quality devices that incorporate the latest technology.

Our services provide you with:

  • High-quality devices with warranties
  • After-sales support
  • Experienced device installers
  • Fast and quality workmanship
  • Affordable prices
  • Expert guidance
  • No-obligation quotes

Get in touch with us today and speak to our experts for fleet tracking solutions or appointments for GPS tracking device installation. You can call us on (03) 9360 9360 (24/7 support line) or visit our office at 196 Derrimut Drive, Derrimut 3026 for a discussion. Alternatively, you may also email us at for queries or service requests.